Understand the Hass Avocado variety from its discovery and origins.

The Board was established in 2002 and represents over 20,000 producers and 100 importers today.

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About Hass Avocados

There are hundreds of avocado varieties but only one Hass variety patented by Rudolph Hass in 1935. Learn more about the Hass Avocado variety, Haas vs. Hass and the Hass Avocado mother tree right here.

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Haas vs. Hass - What is the Difference?

Uncover the history in the name and what separates the Hass Avocado from the rest? Learn about the mother of all Hass Avocados and the man who patented the variety, Mr. Rudolph Hass. Start digging through Hass Avocado History and Hass vs. Haas.
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Nutrition Scientists

Find a comprehensive compilation of published nutrition and scientific literature and resources on avocados. Get the latest research findings, scientific meetings or contact our nutrition literature representatives for more information. Search the Avocado Nutrition Center and Resource Library.

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Foodservice Professionals & Culinary Educators

Attention chefs and cooking professionals, savor free recipes inspired by Hass Avocados and designed for foodservice use in our section devoted to the needs of foodservice professionals. Review Hass Avocado related materials, browse our featured chefs, find menu ideas and download free avocado culinary lesson plans. Start searching the foodservice menu planning plus section.