Healthy Living - Scientific Pillar

Healthy Living - Scientific Pillar

While avocados have several benefits that may help support and/or manage risk factors for certain chronic diseases, researchers are also investigating the unique components of avocados (i.e. monounsaturated fat, lutein and zeaxanthin) for enhanced nutrition and healthy aging. Several emerging areas of study include skin, eye, joint, and cellular health.

Published Research

Kopec RE, Cooperstone JL, Schweiggert RM, Young GS, Harrison EH, Francis DM, Clinton SK, Schwartz SJ. Provitamin A carotenoid absorption and conversion from a novel high β-carotene tomato and from carrot is enhanced with fresh Hass Avocado. J Nutr. 2014.
Investigated if one Hass avocado can improve conversion of provitamin A (inactive) to vitamin A (active), and the absorption of carotenoids when consumed with vegetables.

Fulgoni VL, Dreher M and Davenport A. Avocado Consumption is Associated with Better Diet Quality and Nutrient Intake, and Lower Metabolic Syndrome Risk in US Adults: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2001-2008Nutrition Journal. 2013; (12)1.
Investigated the relationship between avocado consumption, overall diet quality and indicators of health, based on what people actually eat in America.

Research in Progress

Victor Fulgoni III, PhD, Nutrition Impact, LLC
A follow-up analysis from 2013 published research investigating the relationship between avocado consumption, overall diet quality, and indicators of health, based on what people actually eat in America.

Liz Johnson, PhD, Tufts University
Investigating the effects of eating one Hass avocado every day on cognitive function, and oxidative and inflammatory stress among an older population.

Naiman Khan, Hannah Holscher, Nicholas Burd & Barbara Fiese, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Determining whether eating one avocado per day can improve gut health and cognition in overweight and obese subjects. 

Matthew Allison, Cheryl Anderson & Ryan Bradley, University of California San Diego; Gregory Talavera & Sheila Castaneda, San Diego State University
Determining how avocados are incorporated into the dietary pattern and how avocado intake impacts measures of nutritional status in Hispanic families.

Future Healthy Living Research

HAB is interested in funding studies to explore how avocado consumption can help people maintain quality of life as they age and contribute to long-term health benefits.