Halloween Party Tips & Entertaining

Have a Ghoulish Good Time with Hass Avocados

Think green this Halloween with delicious Hass Avocados. We've got frightfully fun entertaining tips and recipes for a hair-raising holiday sure to please goblins and ghouls alike.

Halloween Party Tips & Ideas

Scary Good Recipe Ideas:Avocado Gazpacho in Halloween Bowl

  • Serving dips or soups at your party? Try using a carved out squash or edible pumpkins as your serving bowl for a harvest feel. Just be sure to thoroughly carve out the center and rinse well before pouring in the soup. Try a cool treat like Avocado Gazpacho with Peppadew and Coriander Croutons.
  • Before you send the little ones out to trick or treat, make sure they are filled up with sensible foods prior to getting their little "claws" on the sweet stuff. Try some kid-friendly recipes like those shown below or improvise some of your own featuring Hass Avocados.Halloween Cupcake with Creamy Hass Avocado Frosting
  • For a fun kid-friendly recipe idea try Fun Shaped Mini Hass Avocado and Cheese Sandwiches or another avocado sandwich creation and cut them into spooky Halloween shapes like witches hats, bat wings or pumpkins. Let your imagination and your collection of cookie cutters be your guide.
  • What is Halloween without a little sweet treat? Maintain your party theme with easy cupcakes topped with Creamy Hass Avocado Frosting.
  • Classic guacamole makes the perfect accompaniment to any ghoulish gathering; try Mama's Homemade Guacamole.Guacamole in Halloween Bowl
  • On a calorie-reduced diet ? There's no need for Halloween to take you off your plan. Find simple ways to stay on track with your weight management while taking advantage of all the benefits of avocados in our Light Entertaining section.

Cackle-worthy Cocktails:

  • Turn simple settings into spook-tastic sensations with a little creative presentation and Hass Avocado "magic". Start off your presentation with Avo-Tini cocktails or create your own "witches brew" variation with a little flavored liqueur, Hass Avocado slices and raspberry syrup on the rim. Spooky Avo-tiniOr for a non-alcoholic splash - use blue or green dye in apple juice paired with avocado pearls for decoration. Add a fun table cloth and inexpensive spiders to set the stage.
  • When creating your creepy punches for your monster buffet consider a "foggy" punch. You will need two metal bowls that nest inside each other - warning: do not use glass as it has the potential to break. Add dry ice inside the outer bowl, make sure there is enough space between the bowls - you don't want to have an air-tight seal. Add your favorite colored punch with Hass Avocados or Passion Fruit Sangria with Avocado to the inner bowl and you're all set for a chilling "foggy" punch effect.



Terrifying and Terrific Themes:Lemon Pepper Guacamole Rolls

Halloween themes are great for big parties. Just think of a Halloween creature, story or film that you can feature and use your imagination to find ways to commit to the concept.

Here are some ideas -

  • A classic monster mash can have a laboratory feel with delicious finger foods like our Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Guacamole Rolls and can be complemented with purple, green and black toned fabrics.
  • Spooky Halloween DecorationsOr bite into a vampire theme by adding red and black tones to your centerpieces and decorations with an easy to make appetizer on your table such as Bruschetta with California Avocado and Basil for guests to "sink their teeth into".

Monstrously Magnificent Manor:

  • Halloween is all about creating a mood or theme inside and out. Once you have selected a theme, you can purchase inexpensive fabrics from your favorite craft or retail store to drape around your party area. They don't need to be sewn; you can use a stapler to temporarily affix the draping the way you want. Hide the staples with Halloween stickers or by hot gluing felt bats or black rhinestones over them.Spooky Halloween Decor
  • Want a less expensive theme for your party? Try a haunted home feel, look around your home for items you have that might fit well in a haunted mansion - crystal vases can be filled with dead flowers, old paintings and lamp shades can be covered in inexpensive spider webs and tarnished silver pieces go great on side tables or as part of your centerpiece.

Halloween Recipes:

Fun Shaped Mini Hass Avocado and Cheese Sandwiches Recipe
Fun Shaped Mini Hass Avocado and Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

Avocado Cream Pie Recipe


Molcajete Salsa Guacamole Recipe
Molcajete Salsa Guacamole Recipe
Quick Wrap for Kids Recipe
Quick Wrap for Kids Recipe