Tailgating Party Tips and Recipes for Every Tailgating Menu

Easy Tailgating Food Tips

Backyard Barbeque with Hass Avocados

  1. Marinate your steaks or meat in a clear plastic storage bag to decrease mess.
  2. The FDA recommends that food be kept 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below for safe transportation. Freezing your meats ahead of time can help keep them cooler for longer.
  3. Keep separate coolers for your tailgating food and drinks- that way perishable items can be kept cool with the cooler lid closed. Hass Avocados should be included in the perishable items cooler to keep them ready-to-eat for your tailgate.
  4. You know guacamole dishes like the Nacho Guacamole are a super addition to any tailgating menu, but did you know avocado halves and sliced avocado can also make a great decorative topping or tailgating appetizer? Additional avocado halves can be filled to make a super bowl for chili like in the Chili Grilled Hass Avocados recipe or peeled and placed flat side down with sour cream laces to make a green, football- shaped garnish for your favorite tailgating recipes.


Tips for your Tailgating Party


  1. If you're tailgating - get to know your neighboring tailgaters and increase your fun factor - and your party space. Sharing your winning guacamole, throwing a football around or dissecting the opponent's defense will get everyone pumped up for game time. Remember it wouldn't be a party without delicious Hass Avocados!
  2. Arrive early to your tailgate and plan ahead. You can share some of the cooking duties by assigning guests an easy item to bring to the tailgate. Veggie trays with avocado and ranch dip, chips for your guacamole dip, or drinks are all simple things for friends to bring that will make your tailgating party and tailgating menu easier.



Super Party Decor Ideas

Need easy party decorations for your next tailgate? Check out these quick and easy party decoration ideas.

  1. Old tablecloths or inexpensive fabric from your local craft store add a great splash of team color to your tailgate. They can be spread over tables, truck beds or even used as a ground cover to mark your football tailgating space. Using reusable cloth instead of a paper tablecloth is a "green" solution and will stay put better on windy days. Plus, they are easy to wash should someone make a fumble with the guacamole.
  2. Sticky back fabric fasteners such as Velc® make an easy way to hang team signs and flags. Simply apply one side of the fastener to your sign and the other to your tent or awning and you're game day ready. Don't have a sign? Felt and foam sheets are inexpensive, easy to cut and piece together with craft glue and make a strong color statement to help friends find your tailgating party.



Fun and Easy Recipes for Tailgating


  • Double Cheese Avocado and Bacon Sliders are a tasty addition to any football tailgating menu. Just prepare the patties and bacon ahead of time and assemble at the game

  • Antipasti Kabobs are a fast and easy party snack that are sure to score points at your football tailgate




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