Holiday Recipes & Entertaining

Celebrate the Season with Hass Avocados

Winter Holidays

The holiday season can be a hectic time with finding the perfect gifts and coordinating parties. Whether your list is short or long, we have the party ideas and delicious dishes featuring Fresh Hass Avocados sure to show your friends and family how much you cherish them. Try our winter holiday entertaining tips and recipes perfect for the season and every reason. They're sure to delight!

Holiday Entertaining Tips

Holiday Entertaining Ideas:

  • Need a fun gift idea? Why not try a homemade Hass Avocado gift basket. All you need is a large basket, cellophane and some ribbon. You can add a mixed assortment of fruit with whole Hass Avocados or an all avocado basket. Or try a Hass Avocado guacamole basket - include 3 or 4 guacamole fixing ingredients like dried cilantro, lemons, garlic and Hass Avocados with a large bowl, mixing spoon, tortilla chips and your favorite guacamole recipe for a personal touch. Finish off your creation by wrapping the items in the basket with cellophane and ribbon.

  • Seasonal Decorations - Add a seasonal touch to your decorations by including a bit of Mother Nature with evergreen clippings and seasonal flowers such as gerber daisies, poinsettia, amaryllis or lilies. You can pair them with fruits like always in season Hass Avocados and aromatic accents such as cinnamon sticks or cloves tied to ribbon around the vase of your centerpieces.
  • White Elephant Party - Seasonal parties are a delight though direct gift giving is not always suitable for all circumstances - why not try a white elephant party? It's a party game where each guest brings a wrapped silly item that costs between 10 to 15 dollars, the more ridiculous the better. Have all of your guests place the wrapped "presents" together and have one guest start by selecting a present from the pile, the next guest can see what that person received and choose to either "take" from that guest or pick a new present from the pile. If they "take" from the other guest, that guest gets to pick again from the pile. This continues until all guests have an item. You're sure to share a few laughs with your friends!
  • Cookie Party Looking for a fun holiday party theme? Why not try a cookie party. Have guests bring their favorite sweet treat recipes to share and you can supply the beverages. Be sure to ask guests to bring recipe cards or their recipe printed out for everyone. It's a low-cost way to build your recipe book and relax with friends. If you prefer, you can even memorialize the event by having your "chefs" send you their recipes ahead of time to add to a recipe book to give out at the event. Decorate your table with cookie cutters and make a centerpiece of colorful spatulas, whisks and ribbon. Not into sweets? Substitute cookies for recipes that include a featured ingredient like delicious Hass Avocados. Start your search.
  • Bring Your Own Apron Looking for a small party gathering idea? If your kitchen is large enough, consider creating a holiday recipe together. Create a few trays of appetizers ahead of time to snack on while you are cooking. Ask your guests to BYOA (Bring Your Own Apron) and ingredients to share for your event if the recipe requires it. Whether you are creating holiday cookies or an entrée recipe like tamales with avocados, each of you can have a hand in the creation. It's a great way to bring everyone together and turn a labor-filled recipe into a joyous get-together with friends.

Holiday Hass Recipe Ideas:

  • Holiday Avocado Accents - For an elegant touch to your dishes, include sliced Hass Avocado on top of your holiday soups, entrées and casseroles. You can use a cookie cutter and a knife to slice holiday shapes or simply fan - just be creative. Garnish with capers or sliced tomato depending on your desired result. Just halve, peel and create.
  • Holiday Presentation - Try a cue from the traditional Swedish tradition of julbord and smorgasbord with a twist by serving your holiday feast of hot and cold dishes buffet style. Serve your holiday meats pre-cut, with all your sides, dips and relishes. Include serving utensils and plenty of Hass Avocados.

  • Holiday Details - For a stylish first course that is sure to make a statement, consider serving your salad in an avocado half. You can serve with the skin on like in our Meal in a Hass Avocado Half or peel the skin off and slice for a flat nest to add the salad. Or for a seasonal salad try our Feliz Navidad Avocado Tree Salad with Chili Vinaigrette.
  • Easy Holiday Recipes - Need an easy dip for a potluck holiday party? Consider using guacamole. You can create your favorite guacamole and form into a holiday shape by using clear plastic wrap. Or place your guacamole in a plastic storage bag and cut off the tip for a quick piping bag - you can "free-form" or use a cookie cutter as your guide to pipe around. Try a star or a wreath shape - just add plenty of cut vegetables, chips or crackers for dipping.

Holiday Recipes:

Try some of our delicious holiday recipes featuring Hass Avocados.

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