Super Avocado Soup Recipes

Whether you're making a cold avocado soup like avocado gazpacho for a hot summer day or a hot tortilla soup with avocado for a cold winter day, you can't go wrong with Fresh Hass Avocados.

They can take a homemade soup recipe from good to great, and add the delicious flavor and benefits of avocados. Make your best soups with Hass Avocados! Find ways to add Hass Avocados to your favorite soup recipes or savor some of our recipes for avocado soup below.
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Chilled Avocado soup vs. hot soups with avocado - three simple ways to serve avocados in soups

  1. Most everyone knows of creamy tomato bisque or creamy split pea soup but not many know about creamy avocado soup or hot avocado bisque soups. Avocados have a subtle flavor that pairs well with stronger herbs and spices when used in hot or cold soups
  2. Sweet or savory Gazpacho soup recipes traditionally consist of raw vegetables and are usually tomato-based. Why not try a variation of this using another delicious fruit - avocados. Avocados are delightfully savory and refreshing in avocado gazpacho or other chilled avocado soups, especially when prepared on a hot summer evening
  3. Avocados are a unique fruit in that they can be added to a variety of flavors from sweet to salty to savory. This makes them a perfect topping for just about any soup variety you enjoy. They can give additional creamy texture and flavor as well as cool down stronger spices like cayenne in soups such as chicken tortilla, vegetable minestrone, gumbo, goulash, chowder or noodle soups