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However you look at it, the Hass Avocado Board has you covered with reliable supplies of Fresh Hass Avocados and foodservice promotion opportunities all year round. From appetizers to desserts, breakfast and late night snacks and beverages, take a spin through the creative menu and promotion ideas in the Foodservice Promotion Guide for Fresh Hass Avocados.
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With Hass Avocados available all year round, operators can readily capitalize on their nutty flavor, rich texture and perennially popular appeal. To help keep avocados on the menu and top of mind, the Hass Avocado Board offers both promotional partnerships and menu development assistance to interested operators.
Foodservice Promotion Guide

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Promotion Tips



Winter (Dec 22 - Mar 21)
Bright, sunny avocados chase the winter blues away. Adding Fresh Hass Avocados to the menu is a sure-fire way to bring warmth and cheer to customers during the long days of winter. Take advantage of these events and festivities:



Fall and Winter Sports
Tackle the sports enthusiasts in your neighborhood with an "Avocado Bowl." Fill avocado halves with favorite dips and fillings (like our Saffron Rock Shrimp, or your signature house chili) throughout the sports season for high-fives all around.



Festive Holidays
Capture the holiday spirit and spread the cheer with bright warm yellow Fresh Hass Avocados, morning, noon, and night. Morning meals take on a festive celebration with slices of avocados atop egg dishes.





St. Patrick's Day
Fresh Hass Avocados were made for St. Patty's Day. Offer an all-green dish with avocados as the centerpiece such as our Green Salad in a Mason Jar.