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However you look at it, the Hass Avocado Board has you covered with reliable supplies of Fresh Hass Avocados and foodservice promotion opportunities all year round. From appetizers to desserts, breakfast and late night snacks and beverages, take a spin through the creative menu and promotion ideas in the Foodservice Promotion Guide for Fresh Hass Avocados.
Foodservice Promotion Guide

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With Hass Avocados available all year round, operators can readily capitalize on their nutty flavor, rich texture and perennially popular appeal. To help keep avocados on the menu and top of mind, the Hass Avocado Board offers both promotional partnerships and menu development assistance to interested operators.
Foodservice Promotion Guide

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Promotion Tips

FALL (Sept 22 - Dec 21)

Baseball, football, holidays oh my! Fall is all about change and what better time to change the menu and add Fresh Hass Avocados. Perfect for sandwiches, salads, soups and entrees, Fresh Hass Avocados is the perfect 'fall-back' plan.

Fall Sports
Fresh Hass Avocados - the Most Valuable Produce (MVP) in any operation - turns menu hits into grand slams. Pre-game warm-ups are more exciting with a line-up of small plate avocado appetizers such as Avocado Egg Roll, Avocado Crab Cakes, and Avocado Sushi Rolls. Start planning a season-long promotion of football Sundays and Mondays with Fresh Hass Avocados and earn extra points with diners. There's no fumbling with Avocado Empanadas - savory (chorizo and avocados) or sweet (mango jam and avocados), it's the perfect catch.

Discoverer's Day
Did you know that fresh avocados can be baked, deepfried and broiled? Discover new ways to prepare Fresh Hass Avocados and you'll find the treasure map to keeping customer loyalty. Serve up Avocado Beignets with sandwiches and burgers as a special alternative treat.


Chilly Days and Nights
Complement the fall colors with a spicy Singapore Avocado Chili Crab Burger. This colorful and delightful dish is full of surprises that will keep diners' munching away. Who'd guess that the diced avocados are used as a fat replacement in the scrumptious crab cakes!