Avocado Foodservice

Avocado Foodservice

Why Avocados?

Today’s foodservice customer wants it all: a variety of delicious menu items made from high-quality, nutritious ingredients and offered at a good value.           

With their nutty flavor, creamy texture, rich nutrient profile and year-round availability, Hass avocados are just the ingredient to take your foodservice menu from good to great.

In this section of the website, you can:

  • Get inspired by the flavorful opportunities fresh avocados offer your operation
  • Share avocados’ health benefits with your customers
  • Find quick answers to your avocado questions
  • Learn more about the Avocado Nutrition Facts and Label
  • Discover the science behind avocados and health & wellness

And the Research Says …

Each year the Hass Avocado Board conducts a consumer tracking study [Insert link, http://www.hassavocadoboard.com/consumer] that measures important changes in avocado usage and attitudes among four distinct user groups (Light, Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy).  The 2015 tracking study shows that consumers’ interest in avocados is strong and growing. 

Expanding your operation’s use of avocados might just be what your customers are looking for – and here are three key findings to support that.

Most U.S. consumers have purchased avocados for home use in the past year.

In fact, two-thirds of U.S. consumers have purchased. But beyond the casual purchasers, the Heavy/Super users continue to grow – they now represent 59% of all purchasers and account for 91% of avocado volume sold

What does this mean for you? As more people eat avocados at home, they’re more likely to look for them away from home.  In fact, 64% of avocado consumers said that when a menu item in a restaurant features avocados as a key ingredient or part of a side dish, they are more likely to order it.

Top 5 drivers to purchase an avocado:

  1. Being “good for you” is the most powerful driver
    Consumers say avocados deliver on six key health and wellness benefits of high importance:
    • Heart health
    • Nutrient absorption
    • Healthy aging
    • Healthy cholesterol levels
    • Satiety and hunger control
    • Healthy skin.
  2. Nutrition: consumers say avocados deliver on nine attributes of high importance.
    • Good fats
    • Nearly 20 essential nutrients
    • Antioxidants
    • Nutrient-dense
    • Fiber
    • Cholesterol-free
    • Vitamins E and C
    • Less than 1 gram of sugar (naturally occurring)
    • Sodium-free
  3. What can we say? People like the taste. 
    And, avocados work well in all dayparts, with so many different cuisines and other ingredients, as our Recipes database demonstrates. 
  4. Consumers value quality.
    As consumption of avocados goes up, quality becomes ever more important. Avocado users are discerning. Become an avocado expert.
  5. Variety of uses – an interesting key driver and one of note for you.
    Not all operators take full advantage of this opportunity. Avocado use goes far beyond guacamole and tacos.

Their …

Flavor adds so much to fresh salads, sandwiches and egg dishes;

Creaminess lends texture to smoothies, dressings and spreads; and

Healthy fat profile makes them an excellent fat and dairy substitute for baking and cooking. 

Barriers to purchase for home = benefits to purchasing in restaurant.
Three of the top five barriers to avocado purchase for the home are: too perishable, family doesn’t like them and availability. You can make their day and make sales by breaking those barriers and offering avocados on your menus.

Your customers are enjoying avocados at home for many reasons and in a variety of ways. As avocados become more popular at home and out on the town, don’t let your dining room get left behind. 



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