Store & Ripen Avocados

How to Store Avocados, How to Freeze Avocados, How to Ripen Avocados and How to Store Guacamole


Why do Avocados Turn Brown When Cut?

When you cut into an avocado, you're breaking the cellular walls which causes oxidation to occur. This oxidation process can be prevented by adding an acidic agent and limiting the surface area exposed to the air.

Recommended Acidic Agents:
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Orange juice

Limit surface area exposed by:
  • Covering tightly with clear plastic wrap
  • Placing in an air-tight container
Leaving in the avocado seed or pit can also help limit the surface area exposed to air but we recommend using clear plastic wrap or an air-tight container for best results.

How to Keep Avocados from Turning Brown
How to Keep Avocados Fresh


Find out how to make avocados ripen faster, how to store cut avocados, how to prevent guacamole from turning brown, how to freeze pureed avocados, how to store halved or diced avocados and how to store unripe avocados.

For information on how to know when a Hass Avocado is ripe, visit our How to Pick and Buy Hass Avocados section.



How to Store Unripe Avocados

Unripe, firm or green fruit can take four to five days to ripen at room temperature (approximately 65-75 degrees F, avoid direct sunlight). Refrigeration can slow the ripening process, so for best results store unripe fruit at room temperature unless room conditions exceed that range. To help speed up the ripening process, see below.

Store Cut Unripe Avocados - If you have cut open your Hass Avocado and found it to be unripe, sprinkle the exposed flesh of the avocado with lemon or lime juice, place the two halves back together and cover tightly with clear plastic wrap before placing in the refrigerator. Check the avocado periodically to see if it has softened up enough to eat. Depending on firmness when the fruit was cut and temperature conditions, the ripening process will vary.


How to Store Ripe Avocados

Ripe fruit that has not been cut open can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three days.

Store Cut Ripe Avocados - Sprinkle cut, mashed or sliced fruit with lemon or lime juice or another acidic agent and place in an air-tight container or tightly covered clear plastic wrap. The fruit can be stored in your refrigerator for a day.

Store Guacamole - Guacamole often contains other ingredients that may affect how well and how long the guacamole can be stored. For most guacamole recipes, adding an acidic agent (like those in the right column) can help prevent oxidization when added on top of the guacamole. To store guacamole, place it in an air-tight container and press clear plastic wrap on the surface of the guacamole before covering to help prevent oxidation. Store in the refrigerator.

If refrigerated guacamole or fruit turns brown during storage, discard the top oxidized layer and enjoy the rest.

How to Ripen or Speed up the Ripening Process for Avocados

Avocados do not ripen on the tree, they ripen or "soften" after they have been harvested. To speed up the avocado ripening process we recommend placing unripe avocados in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana for two to three days until they are ripe. We do not recommend any other method of ripening. How to Ripen Avocados Fast

Why does this work?
The plant hormone ethylene, which occurs naturally in fruits like apples and bananas, triggers the ripening process. When combined in a brown paper bag, which helps to trap the ethylene gases produced by these fruits, these gases can cause the fruits to ripen faster together.

How to Freeze Avocados

Did you know avocados can be frozen?
How to Freeze Avocados Though Fresh Hass Avocados are preferred for their taste and versatility, with the proper preparation, pureed avocados can be frozen and used in guacamole dips, dressings and spread on sandwiches.

Whole, cut, diced or mashed avocados do not have as desirable of a result when frozen. Guacamole can often contain other ingredients that do not freeze well so we do not recommend freezing guacamole.



Follow the instructions below to get the best possible result when freezing pureed Hass Avocados.



How to Freeze Avocados 1.   Wash - Wash the outside of the avocados thoroughly by holding them under running water or in your selected produce wash.
Find more avocado washing and preparation tips.

2.   Cut - Cut and peel the avocados.

3.   Puree - Place the peeled avocados in a food processor or blender. Add a ratio of one tablespoon of an acidic agent like lemon or lime juice for each avocado you are freezing. Puree until smooth. This will ensure that the lemon or lime juice is evenly distributed to help to prevent the avocados from turning brown. Mashing the avocado rather than pureeing yields a less desirable result because the acidic agent is unevenly mixed in.

4.   Package - Place the pureed avocado into an air-tight container. Leave ½ to 1 inch of headspace in the container to allow for expansion. Close your container tightly and label accordingly. Freeze.



Frozen avocado puree must be used within four to five months of freezing.