Simple Avocado Uses: How to Eat Hass Avocados

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Use Hass Avocados

Need a quick use for a ripe Hass Avocado? Check out these five easy ways to eat a delectable Hass Avocado.

Plain Sliced Avocado

Just a Hass Avocado

For avocado purists - eating a half of a plain avocado sprinkled with lemon juice or your favorite seasoning is all you need. Try a little paprika or balsamic vinegar for an added twist. Learn how to store the other half of avocado here.
Avocado Spread

As an avocado spread

Spread Hass Avocado on toast, for a rich and velvety, cholesterol-free topping. Find out how avocados stack up against other spreads.

Guacamole or Avocado Dip

Even one avocado can make a great snack with chips or veggie sticks. Diced or mashed Hass Avocados make one fantastic dip. Search guacamole dip recipes now.
Avocado Salad

Avocado Salad

Sliced in salad they are spectacular. Create your own avocado salad and salad dressing or try some of ours. Search salads staring Fresh Hass Avocados.
Sandwiches with Avocado

Sandwiches & Burgers

From bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwiches to lush avocado burgers or avocado wraps - Hass Avocados add creamy flair to any sandwich. Search avocado sandwiches now.

Looking for more ways to enjoy Hass Avocados? Search our Hass Avocado recipe section for more ideas on how to use avocados every day and simple avocado uses. Try using Hass Avocados in breakfast or brunch recipes, in delicious avocado desserts, avocado soups or even as a grilled avocado.


The possibilities are delicious so get started!