Love One Today and Every Day

What does it mean to Love One Today®?

Love One Today® is a way of life, a delicious way of life. It means that we love fresh avocados with all the benefits they can provide and will continue to love and enjoy them each day. Find recipe ideas and ways to Love One Today®

Who is Love One Today® for?

Everyone. We hope you will love an avocado today and share that passion for fresh avocados with those you care about.


Why should you Love One Today®?  Easier to ask "Why should you not?", but here are a couple reasons:

  Naturally good fats  81 mcg lutein & zeaxanthin per 1 oz serving  Less than 1 gram sugar
  Cholesterol free  4% DV potassium per 1 oz serving  Good fat in avocados can replace saturated fat
  Sodium free
  2% DV iron per 1 oz serving
  8% DV fiber per 1 oz serving



Want even more reasons to love a fresh avocado today?




Need help? Here's how to Love One Today®:

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