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A 1-oz. serving of avocado contains:
* 50 calories
* 0mg cholesterol
* 0mg sodium
* 3g monounsaturated fat

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Did you know that the avocado is virtually the only fruit that has monounsaturated fat?

Avocado Nutrition

Ever wonder how many calories are in a 1-oz serving of avocado? How about how many carbs or good fats are in an avocado? Find the answers to all your avocado nutrition question needs in this section. Browse information about avocado calories, avocados and good fats, avocados and babies and avocado cholesterol. Read the latest avocado nutrition news findings and find recipes recommended by our registered dietician.

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Avocado Facts Label

Avocado Nutrition Label

Looking for basic avocado facts? Check out the Avocado Nutrition Label.

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Recipes for a Healthy Diet

Avocado Recipes for a Healthy Diet

Looking to add some zip to your healthful diet? Try adding Hass Avocados. Find avocado recipes recommended by our Nutrition Expert.