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Health Professional or Nutrition Educator Toolkit - Avocado Nutrition Resources

Below is a listing of nutrition materials to aid health professionals and nutrition educators like you.

Hass Avocado Nutrition Materials

Fresh Avocados:
Love One Today

A Resource Guide for Nutrition and Health Professionals

Patient Education Tips and Recipes:
Love One Today

A Resource Guide for Nutrition and Health Professionals

Client Handout:
ABC Alpha- and Beta-Carotene

Client Handout:
Diet and Type 2 Diabetes

Scientific Summary
(Penn State University):
The Effect of a Moderate Fat Diet With and Without Avocados on Lipoprotein Particle Number, Size and Subclasses in Overweight and Obese adults – A Randomized, Controlled Trial

Scientific Summary
(Ohio State University):
Avocado Consumption Enhances Human Post-Prandial Provitamin A Absorption and Conversion from a Novel High Beta-Carotene Tomato Sauce and from Carrots

Scientific Summary
(Loma Linda University):
A Randomized 3x3 Crossover Study to Evaluate the Effect of Hass Avocado Intake on Post Ingestive Satiety, Glucose and Insulin Levels, and Subsequent Energy Intake in Overweight Adults

Scientific Summary
Avocado Consumption is Associated with Better Diet Quality, Nutrient Intake and Lower Metabolic Syndrome Risk in US Adults: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2001- 2008

About the Research Published in Nutrition Journal

Avocado Consumers Had Significantly Higher Overall Diet Quality than Non-Consumers in Relation to Healthy Eating Index Graphic

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES 2001-2008) Findings Graphic 2

Discover the Emerging Science Behind Avocado Goodness Sheet

Fresh Hass Avocados and Hamburgers: Research Summary and Frequently Asked Questions

Hass Avocados and Burgers Tips Sheet

Scientific Summary (University of California, Los Angeles):
Hass Avocado Modulates Postprandial Vascular Reactivity And Postprandial Inflammatory Responses To A Hamburger Meal In Healthy Volunteers

Scientific Summary (Avocado Research Compilation):
Hass Avocado Composition and Potential Health Effects

Nutrition Facts Chart

Hass Avocados and Dietary Guidelines
Anatomy of an Avocado




General Hass Avocado Materials

Choosing, Ripening, Storing and Cutting Tips Sheet

About Hass Avocados Facts Sheet

Hass Avocado Cookbook for a Delicious Diet

50 Things to Love About Hass Fresh Avocados


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