Where to buy fresh avocados


Avocados are grown throughout the world which means you can find them year round at your local supermarket, grocery store or farmers market. They are always in season and available whenever you need them.



Many factors contribute to the demand and pricing of avocados. Around holidays retailers face demand that cause avocado prices to fluctuate. At other points in the year, price changes can be the result of inflation, the rise in growing costs, or crop supplies that don’t meet the huge demand. The unpredictability of Mother Nature can also play a role in affecting the price of our favorite fruit.

From time-to-time, individual retail stores will have promotions, coupons or discounts on avocados. The Hass Avocado Board is an agriculture promotion group focused on nutrition awareness and is not involved in the sale of avocados, nor these price fluctuations.


How much to Buy?

Depending on your need or even creativity, avocados can be purchased in a variety of sizes and quantities. You may find them in small, medium, or large varieties, or even bundled in a bag for convenience. We recommend purchasing fruit that is green and allowing it to ripen at home in order to space out eating avocados every day. Make sure to talk with the produce manager at your favorite retail store for help purchasing fresh avocados in particular sizes and quantities.

For the tastiest results, find out how to store fresh avocados here. Or visit our avocado recipe by size page for ideas on how to use 1, 2 or even 4 avocados. If you need help selecting the unripe or ripe fruit, visit our how to select page