Avocados & Taste: What do avocados taste like and why do we crave them?


How would you describe the taste of avocados?

That was the question asked during a recent Spectrum Community Narrative Panel (SCAN). The goals in a nutshell: to understand the process for choosing avocados, to define the language that describes them from a sensory perspective, to characterize the appearance/aroma, and to uncover the unique characteristics of avocados that influence our love of them.

Some of the sensory findings of avocados:


  • Creamy, buttery, smooth
  • Subtle yet complex


  • Distinctive colors: bright yellow and green
  • Maintains its shape


  • Floral, green, grassy, freshness, earthy


  • Melt in your mouth
  • Maintains its shape
  • Buttery, rich, satisfying mouthcoat


  • Distinctive
  • Mild, delicate
  • Green/grassy, fresh and slightly sweet
  • Plays well with others
  • Substitute for meat/protein

How participants felt about avocados:

  • Endless possibilities
  • Any time of day, for any meal
  • Casual and elegant
  • A welcome treat

We also asked some of you informally on Facebook

When asked to fill in the blank, "I love avocados for their _________texture"
36% said "Creamy" texture          15% said "Smooth"

Other words used to describe the flavor and texture of avocados:

silky, buttery, velvety, epic, amazing, yummy, fabulous, nommy, perfect, tasty

luscious, soft, rich, earthy, fresh, nutty, heavenly, natural, rich veggie buttuh, wonderful, deliciously smooth, awesome goodness

How would you describe avocados and what is it about them that you love?


Source: http://www.hassavocadoboard.com/sites/all/themes/hab/pdf/Hass-Avocado-Sensory-Research-SCAN-Panel.pdf