Protein in Avocados

How much protein is in a Hass Avocado?

Why Protein?

According to the USDA MyPlate program and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, protein provides 4 calories per gram. In addition to calories, protein provides amino acids that assist in building and preserving body muscle and tissues. Protein is found in a wide variety of animal and plant foods. For protein, plant-based sources and/or animal-based sources can be incorporated into a healthy eating pattern. However, some protein products, particularly some animal-based sources, are high in saturated fat, so non-fat, low-fat, or lean choices should be selected.

Avocados and Protein

A 1-oz. serving of Hass Avocado contains 1 gram of protein, and a whole 5-oz. Hass Avocado (5 servings) contains 3 grams of protein. Though Hass Avocados do not contain a significant amount of protein, they can be a creamy and delicious addition to a variety of meal plans and menus. They are used in a variety of different eating plans including a vegetarian diet as a way to add nutrients and substitute for animal products. In addition, because they contain 3.5 grams of unsaturated  or good fat per 1-oz. serving when eaten in moderation they can be a great substitute for foods that are high in saturated fats. Other varieties of avocado, however, can vary in the amount of protein they contain.


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