Hass Avocado Recipes for a Healthy Diet

Avocado Central Recipe Categorization Guidelines

Hass Avocado Board recipes are analyzed for their nutrient content and ingredient list.  A Registered Dietitian reviews all recipe analyses and categorizes the recipes by allergen type, lifestyle or nutrient claim:

Allergen Type

Lifestyle/ Diet

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Meals with < 500 calories per serving
  • Snacks with < 200 calories per serving

Nutrient Content Claim


The information and recipes provided are for information purposes only and should not replace any advice provided to you by your medical care provider regarding dietary restrictions or other matters. Please consult your medical care provider before making any dietary changes. While we have provided reasonable care in analyzing and documenting recipes and their nutritional values, actual values may change due to variations in final preparation, seasonality and ingredient variations and/or substitution.